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Kiddush Catering

bar-mitzvah-kiddushYou can have a stunning kiddush setup for your simcha on Shabbat in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Sheinfeld, Nofei Aviv, Ramat Neria & Givat Savion.

Leeba is familiar with most shuls in the neighbourhood as well as the Matnas, which makes for faster and smoother set up and running. And with Leeba's vast experience, creativity, problem solving and reputation for "getting the job done" you can have your kiddush anywhere including at home, assured it will run smoothly.

So if your son is having his bar mitzvah you can stay in shul and enjoy all his "leyning" with the rest of your family.

kiddush-catererAnd you can stay for Mussaf as well, assured in the knowledge that as soon as the service finishes you can just go to the kiddush along with all your other guests without any rushing or stresses.

Whether the kiddush is for a bar or bat mitzvah, birth, "aufruf", or any other simcha, you and your guests will be greeted by beautifully set up tables, with all the food and drinks ready.

The tables, platters, table cloths, plates, napkins, cups and serving pieces are all set up in your choice of colours, or have it left to Leeba to choose for you based on the location and surroundings.

And best of all, Leeba's Kiddushes cost no more than any other local caterer, and in fact often cost less!

Here's some ideas of the kinds of food you can serve at your kiddush:

kiddush-aufrufChalavi, basari or parve

Cookies and cookie bars


Pastries and danishes


Parve cholent

Basari cholent

Potato kugel

Yerushalmi kugel

Apple kugel

Pasta and other salads

Vegetable platters ("crudities")

Fruit platters

Candy - for the kids naturally ;-)

Crackers and dips



These are just ideas of course. Leeba can set up a kiddush to include almost anything else you may want, and make other suggestions based on your tastes.

In addition, when you hire Leeba of Besimcha! Catering for your kiddush, Leeba can also arrange all the Shabbat catering for all your Shabbat meals with your family and guests.


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